[Random Post]: Liebster Award

So, Steph from I Am Simply A Book Drunkard, nominated me for Liebster Award. My blog is only a month old, so I'm truly honored to receive such nomination. Let's check out what we should do about this ;)

The basic rules:

1.   Link and thank the blogger who nominated you

2.    Answer the question they asked

3.    Pick 11 other bloggers with no more than 200 followers to nominate

4.    Ask them 11 questions and let them know you nominated them

Questions from Steph:

1.   What’s your favorite song?
I can't answer this question. I'm a music enthusiast, there are just too many songs I love to list. But currently I'm addicted to Sam Smith's cover for How Will I Know. Make sure to check it out on YouTube, guys!

2.   What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?
Err, I'm not sure. Perhaps last week I tried too much adrenaline-driving attractions at Universal Studios Theme Park.

3.   What’s your least favorite Disney movie?
George of the Jungle. They should've been more consistent; Tarzan or George?

4.   Which book that you’ve read had the best plot twist?
Until this time, all books I read do not have that much twisted plots. They are all simple, but catchy. I always love authors who are able to do that.

5.   Most memorable character is?
Atticus Finch, of course.

6.   If you were a Disney princess, which one would you be?
Mia Thermopolis. Because she lives in millennium era and has access to internet and computer HAHA

7.   Do you like the rain?
I love rain in one condition that I'm not outside at the time :P

8.   Where is your dream house located?
I always want to live my future life in New Zealand. I don't know if it'd come true or not, but I'll try.

9.   Do you like taking selfies?
Only if there's no one to see me! *this answer is so embarrassing T_T

10.    Which fictional boyfriend would you pick to spend the rest of your live with?
There are nooo other perfect characters besides Noah Calhoun and Jean Valjean. They are the only male characters who could make me cry hardly.

11.     Would you rather have humor or looks?
Hmm, tough one. Maybe I'll pick looks eventually :P

So there. 11 questions are done. Let me see whom I can tag for the next questions:












Below are my questions for you.

1. What films you love the most which are adapted from books?
2. What are your favorite parts of Harry Potter?
3. Do you often relate some particular songs with the books you read?
4. Which book blog you like the most?
5. Do you have any special treatment to keep your books in good condition?
6. What inspired you to create a book blog?

7. How do you usually pick your new readings?
8. Do you like to write fictions?
9. If you were able to jump into some particular universe of a book, which one you would choose?
10. Most memorable characters?
11. Which do you prefer, a paperback or e-book?

That is all! Please do check out amazing book blogs above, fellas ;)


  1. My least favourite movie is probably George of the Jungle too.

    Thanks for the nomination, I've posted my answers and hope you can check them out when you get a moment :)


  2. Hi, Deasy! Thanks for nominating my blog Books and Insomnia. I really appreciate the gesture but I have to pass. I've already done the Liebster Award twice or thrice already. I know, crazy, right? LOL ^__^ Thanks again, Deasy!

    Julie @ Books and Insomnia

    1. No problem at all, Julie! Being nominated more than once is too awesome ;)