About Me

Greetings, everyone!

Meet me, Eryn, another book blogger to fill this book-blog verse :] This is not the first time I created a blog, but I was not too serious with all those previous ones back then. Therefore The Bibliophilism was born for the sake of my devotion to books.

I have been a reader since I don't even remember when. My dad used to bring a lot of books for me to read from his office when I was a child and whenever I did not do nice, he threatened me by suspending his supply. What a good childhood memory, right? :) That was also a reason why I have been bespectacled since I was eight.

With all those piling books I read, I think I have to share the magic I found in them with other people. Of course, I began to be interested more since I strolled along a number of amazing book blogs. I practically read everything, from novels, short stories, fanfiction and articles. There is no favoritism in genre, I read all books which can captivate me. Even though at the moment, I'm focusing on contemporary young adult books.

You will find reviews of various books I read and sometimes movie reviews from adapted books in this blog. I'm still on my way to learn lots of things about book blogging, and I'll be really glad to have you send your suggestions and constructive critics to help me improving this blog through the Contact Me page.

Hope you will enjoy this blog and happy reading!


Eryn Goodwin